"I think it would be difficult to overstate our gratitude for your contribution to our girls' development - and to my development as a parent."

Quiet nudges, sound advice and artistic encouragement have made us a happier family. They have both arrived at the end of preschool ready for kindergarten. Thank you for making a place for us in the preschool family.


"We loved this school year!"

Thank you for helping us all. I value your advice, and enjoyed sharing experiences. [Our child] loves when you read books to the class. We look forward to returning in 2009.

— DN

"You have made such a difference in our and [our child's] lives. We can't thank you enough for your patience and your generosity."

— EJ


"You are an answer to our prayer."

When [our child] came to our home after months of abuse and neglect, we prayed she would always have someone in her life who would make her feel special. You are an answer to that prayer. Thank you for loving our child and seeing the best in her. Thank you for making her first school experience so positive. You've set the tone for the next 13 years and we will be forever grateful.

— DR

"Thank you for all the experiences, memories , growing and learning we've done this year. What a wonderful preschool, thanks to you."

— KF

"Thank you for being you! You have brought many smiles to my face and, of course, to my girls! They adore you!...You are a true gem that I will always treasure..."

— RT

"So many thanks!"

Thank you for providing such a nurturing environment for [our child] to grow. We're pleased with how he's learning to manage his feelings and has even taught us a thing or two. Thank you for showing our family consideration for our religious beliefs throughout the year. And a special thanks for your thoughtful parting gift for [our child]. He was quite tickled by your encouraging words. We've truly enjoyed our experience with First Discoveries Preschool

— Z & Family