First Discoveries Preschool Society is a parent operated organization and your participation is needed and encouraged in all areas of management.  All parents, therefore, must contribute to the operation of the preschool.  We require at least one parent or guardian from each family to participate as a member of the Board of Directors and/or as a member of a committee. A post-dated cheque of $xx (June 1st, 20xx) is required for committee involvement to be returned upon completion of duties.

ALL parents are expected to assist with our bi-annual casino (date TBA), annual auction and any other fundraising determined by the board as necessary. Please refer to Terms and Conditions on the current Registration Form for cheques and amounts required. It is important to note that these cheques will be returned once family obligations are fulfilled.


2. 2.0 There shall be a Board of Directors of not more than twelve and not less than five, who shall manage the affairs of the Society …

4. 4.0 Subject to the direction of the Board the executive shall manage the affairs of the society and obtain and administer the funds of the society.
— Society Bylaws - 1981

Duties of the Executive


  • Chairs meetings (usually held monthly during the school year) and prepares the agenda. 
  • Coordinates activities with other board members and receives copies of all board correspondence.
  • Ensures current copies of FDPS Bylaws and Board Guidelines are available for reference.
  • Mediates problems arising from child/member/teacher conflicts.
  • Assists employees with administrative duties such as license renewals, insurance and leasing agreements.
  • Manages employee contracts with special responsibility for securing sensitive information. S/he may assemble a committee to assist with hiring of personnel and negotiating contracts.
  • Serves as a voice for the preschool within the host institution and supports collective efforts that would benefit all users of the facility, including the provision of other education programming.
  • Retains the right to suspend operations of the preschool in an emergency situation. 
  • Assists with fundraising events and casinos.
  • Oversees the annual FDPS evaluations.
  • The President is not apart from or “above” the Board. S/he should be regarded as a resource available to other Board members to help facilitate their duties and guide the smooth operation of the preschool.

Vice President

  • Supports the president as required and chairs meetings in her or his absence.
  • Assumes the responsibilities of the president on a provisional basis if the person elected to the office is unable to fulfill his or her duties. The vice-president must convene a meeting of the board within 14 days in such circumstances. 
  • Letters/phone calls to parents as issues or concerns arise. 
  • Handles marketing and promotion for the preschool.
  • Assists with organizing events (such as the Silent Auction) and casinos.
  • Assists the registrar, as required. This may include general banking and deposits.


  • Supervises and keeps all records, books, cheques, accounts and vouchers for the Society.
  • Completes teacher payroll and maintains records of all income tax, EI, and CPP deductions, including submitting remittance vouchers to CRA each month and maintaining books as required by the Federal/Provincial Legislation. Issues reimbursement cheques when required.
  • Enters all receipts, invoices, deposits and withdrawals into Quicken software.
  • Submits Quicken file to accountant in September of each year and files the Annual Return to CRA.
  • The Treasurer must submit a detailed account of receipts and disbursements to the board whenever requested and prepares an audited statement to be submitted at the annual general meeting and a copy of which must be kept by the Secretary for the records of the Society.
  • Prepares a budget along with designated society members and the Teacher/Director.
  • Update Board of Directors with Corporate Registry.


  • Takes minutes of all board meetings and distributes copies to members and employees. Posts a copy of the minutes on the bulletin board.
  • Records in the minutes all board decisions reached through a vote as well as a summary of the discussion.
  • Includes in the minutes bank balances, registration numbers and other pertinent information.
  • Conducts correspondence for the Society and maintains all documents and records.


  • Ensures registration forms and tuition cheques are received and processed.
  • Keeps a record of all students throughout the school year.
  • Deposits cheques and processes credit card tuitions. 
  • Issues income tax receipts (January and June).
  • Creates a phone list per class, with addresses and phone numbers.
  • Posts a list of member volunteers and duties on the bulletin board.
  • Provides the board with information about current enrolment and tuition payment issues.

Field Trip Coordinator

  • Plans field trips in conjunction with employees, respecting budgetary limitations.
  • Gathers information, makes bookings and arranges for transportation.
  • Helps employees with details, such as snacks and arranging member helpers.
  • Ensures that volunteer drivers have appropriate insurance authorization.

Fundraising Coordinator

  • Researches fundraising opportunities and presents to the Board for approval.  A minimum of three fundraisers are to run throughout the school year
  • Purchases license for 50/50 draw and coordinate with Silent Auction Coordinator
  • Organizes all aspects of approved fundraising events including
  • Sole contact with vendor
  • Collects information and samples from vendor
  • Establishes timeline for each campaign and issue milestone dates to Teacher/Director for position in monthly newsletter
  • Distributes campaign details to members in a timely manner through hard copy in classroom folders
  • Develops sales forms and promotion information as required
  • Issues reminder emails regarding deadlines and delivery dates
  • Collects member order and payments and review for accuracy
  • Submits master order to vendor
  • Requests cheque from treasure for payment to vendor
  • Submits member cheques and cash proceeds to Registrar for deposit
  • Follows up with Vendor to ensure receipt of order and confirm delivery details
  • Organizes member volunteers to assist with sorting orders upon delivery to the classroom
  • Distributes orders to members
  • Keeps a record of member participation as well as funds raised for each fundraising event
  • Maintains a hard copy folio of information on past fundraisers and future opportunities
  • Keeps an electronic folder of fundraiser documents, including FDP logo and images for significant vendors.

Silent Auction Coordinator

  • Takes the lead in organizing and running the annual silent auction.
  • Books the location, caterer and entertainment, in consultation with the board.
  • Supervises event volunteers, assigning responsibilities.
  • Creates promotional material, tickets and letters to solicit donations.
  • Ensures that auction items are collected, catalogued, prepared for auction and delivered to the site.
  • Oversees the auction with assistance from the board.
  • Provides a letter to businesses to thank them for their participation.

Casino Coordinator

  • Updates board membership information for the Gaming and Liquor Commission.
  • Takes the lead in organizing and running the casino.
  • Works with casino employees to set dates and schedules, pay fees and complete forms and record checks, in confidence.
  • Manages the process of signing up volunteers and updates their responsibilities, as required.
  • Attends the casino and follows up on subsequent business.
6.3 Twenty (20) percent of the members of the Society shall constitute a quorum at annual and special meetings…

6.4 b) A majority of directors shall constitute a quorum at a meeting of the Board of Directors.
— Society Bylaws - 1981


As part of parental commitment to our preschool program, ALL parents are required to help with one or more duties on this list.

  1. Snack Coordinator(s): ONE/TWO parent(s) responsible for the purchase of snack supplies from a list provided by the classroom (Helena). Boxed crackers, frozen juices, cheese, yogurt, may be purchased every two or three weeks with fresh fruit items required every other week. This job can be shared with another parent on a monthly rotation or September to January and February to June.
  2. Month-End Cleaning: parent is required to offer ONE end of the month cleaning/disinfecting with date to be set up with the classroom. Must be prepared to give about three hours of work. 
  3. Parent Driver: must be available for field trips that do not require a bus. Parent is responsible for bringing children back to school (or as otherwise arranged) and ‘hand over’ the child to the respective parent. Car seats and boosters are to be provided by the non-driving parents. Parent Drivers must sign the Insurance Agreement (provided by the classroom) to show acknowledgement of rights and responsibilities. If there are insufficient drivers for a particular day, the field trip for that class will be cancelled.
  4. Christmas Parties: ONE parent per classroom will phone all the other parents in the classroom (list provided by Helena) and decide on the type and amount of treats to bring to the Christmas Party (veggies and dip/hummus, crackers and cheese, fruit, baked items,  special punch, as examples).
  5. Classroom Recyclers: Parent must take recycling (blue bag) home to properly dispose of with own recyclables or drop it off at the Recycling Depot. No recyclables allowed in Grovenor’s School Bins.
  6. Year-End Classroom Cleaning: TWO (2) parents will help in the classroom disinfect toys and pack them, move furniture onto the stage and carpet to clear the floor to be waxed by school custodian. Expect two hours of work.
  7. Year-End Party: Parent volunteers will organize, with the orientation of the Board, a party for children and families. List of food items requested and any duties for ALL parents attending provided by the Board/Helena. 

Thank you for your participation in our program!