Happy New Year! May it be filled with laughter and joy, health and gratitude!

Thank you parents for making our classroom Christmas celebrations extra special with the delicious treats you provided for our table. The children could hardly contain their enthusiasm and couldn’t believe you were going to watch them sing!! Weren’t they amazing?? So much effort and patience went into preparing for that one moment: it took three weeks to get all those surprises sorted and a few practices to get the songs figured out! These are special times indeed!

Beverly and I would like to say a huge thank you to all of you for the wonderful Christmas cards, kindest words, for sharing your gratitude, and for the wonderful and thoughtful gifts. We feel humbled by your appreciation.

The Christmas Hampers were delivered to three grateful families! We can accomplish so much when we work together. Thank you Kristie for taking charge of this project once again.

At this point in our life, children may be our greatest support when the adult world may not look so great. Their innocence and joy of simple things are constant reminders of what is really important: Of how time is fleeting, and to really listen to what they are saying, either with words or with behaviour. We will continue to strive to give them lots of opportunities to blossom at their own pace, to explore and accomplish their milestones while in preschool.

Children have taken control of their play (aka learning) by creating their own level of engagement. They have become professional builders with all kinds of blocks, creating shelves, homes, restaurants, sleeping quarters, pet quarters, organizing food supplies, babies, etc. The amount of language back and forth, the bargaining, the compromise, the creative stories and the conversations are truly remarkable. There is no way that an adult guided play could be this productive for children. We have extraordinary children, from extraordinary parents.

We have also noticed that manners in general have improved at snack time with children saying “thank you” when we pour them juiceJ  And of course, it becomes a competition! Thank you for reinforcing those traits at home.

An interesting general conclusion during the “wrapping” of your gifts, all children were able to put the ribbon through the holes on the card and bag demonstrating excellent eye hand coordination and fine motor ability. While some ‘older’ kids may still have some difficulty with writing their name (letter forming and structure), I am sure we will see a huge leap by spring!! Let children play! Encourage puzzles, small piece games (Lego, doll dressing, zipping, buttoning, Velcro matching, etc) as all will lead them to big future successes.

Scholastic: Thank you for the last order of 2016. We will keep at it until June, sometimes bigger orders, sometimes smaller, but always useful! All coupons earned will be used for the rejuvenation and updating of our library.

Fundraising: Purdy’s were a great success as we raised over $1500 to help with classroom expenses. Thank you for sharing this fundraiser with coworkers and families.

A reminder that the MABELS LABELS fundraiser runs ALL YEAR and when spring approaches, it is a great time to buy labels for the school year ahead.

To place your order:

  • Step 1: Visit the website, mabelslabels.com, click the “Support A Fundraiser” button located on the top of your screen, and then select your School/Organization rom the drop-down list. 
  • Step 2: Once your organization has been selected, you will be directed to a landing page that will say “YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME Welcomes You To Our Page > Click here to buy”
  • Step 3: Go ahead and press the pink “Click here to buy” button. Now you have entered our website and are crediting your order to your campaign. How can you tell? Your Organization/Campaign Name will be listed on the top left of the screen.
  • Don’t see it? Then you aren’t in the right place. Call or email us to assist you with placing an order in support of your fundraiser.

PANAGO PIZZA CERTIFICATES were a little slow this time around but we hope to sell them all. There is still time to get a pizza during January!! Thank you to the generous store manager who has supported our efforts for the past few years. Unlimited toppings!! Enjoy!

A field Trip to Legends Training Centre has been added to our calendar: January 19 (for all Thursday children-complete class= 16 kids), and January 20 for morning and afternoon kids (excluded are the 5 day children who already attended Thursday). Please read instructions below carefully. NO PM CLASS. We are indebted to Ryan McGillivray, our past parent and MMA Champion, who graciously donates his time to give children a fun introduction to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu among other things. BEST EVER!! Parents are welcome to stay and watch. It’s worth it!

To better participate in our classroom opportunities, please send children in comfortable playing clothes and shoes (no crocs) for the classroom AND appropriate outdoor gear: mittens and scarves and hats… We will go outside even if for a brief moment. Children are better able to survive all the viruses around if they are exposed to cold weather often.

I know you think Beverly and I have magic powers to get the 16 or 17 children dressed to go home, but we work really hard to do it thoroughly (even if it takes 3 attempts with some children), and be on time for pick up. You can help, like some parents already do, by being a few minutes early and helping with zippers or mitts and giving children the chance to understand that other parents can be trusted with their basic needs. We also appreciate your punctual pick up so we can move on to other responsibilities.

BUT we still struggle with a few slow pick ups which delay after hours commitments. PLEASE be respectful of our personal needs and BE earlier rather than later to sign out. Your child must be signed out before 11:45 or before 4 pm. Let other caregivers know that this is policy. A $20 penalty for each 5 minutes of lateness shall apply.

Check your mail folders regularly for classroom art or communication. We go to great lengths to help you by placing mail or art work in the backpacks because we often find they have not been checked. It is a good idea to see what needs signing or returned to school so you don’t miss out on important information. Let other caregivers know of this practice as well.

REGISTRATIONS FOR 2017/18New registration forms will be made available to the current parents by the end of this month. HOWEVER, we can only guarantee your preferred choice if you let me know which days you want to keep for September! PLEASE don’t miss out. Once February starts, we will take pre-registrations for new children and you could lose your spot. Complete registration form, along with form of payment, must be submitted no later than February 28.

For safety reasons, we appreciate you letting us know if your child is going to be absent. You are welcome to text me 780.907.0445. Also, if someone other than the usual parent or caregiver is picking up your child, YOU MUST give us prior warning, providing us with a name and contact for this person. We may ask for picture ID. Thank you.

Share all this information with those caring for or responsible for your child’s routine. Schedule, policies/expectations, and events must be communicated in order to avoid confusion (late pick ups), or missing important dates.

Thank you for all your positive feedback, the kind words you share every single day, the funny stories from home, the appreciation for our work, and for being such considerate parents…it really makes a difference in our work!

Let’s have a great 2017!

Helena Beça 780.455.1895 (classroom) / 780.907.0445 (mobile)


* Dates may be changed or added as field trips or special events get booked. Scheduling will reflect Grovenor School calendar to avoid conflict or empty classes. Excluded are PD days in our District: we work through those :_


9 – Classes resume

* Field Trip to Legends Training Center 11500 170 Street (pls google directions as it sits on an inside road parallel to 170, cross from The Brick Warehouse and in between two commercial buildings)

19 (TH) COMPLETE THURSDAY CLASS OF 16 CHILDREN-parents drop off at 9:10 am and pick up at 10:45 – you can watch the kids train J

20 (FRI) – for non-full time children and afternoon class – parents drop off at 9:10 am and pick up SHARPLY at 10:45. Snack provided.



13 & 14 – Valentine’s Day celebrations for children


25 (Saturday) – Northern Alberta Preschool Teacher’s Conference (parents are welcome to register too)

28 – OPEN HOUSE – 7-8 pm - Returning children’s Registrations are due.


2 & 3 – Teacher’s Convention – NO SCHOOL

16 & 17 – St. Patrick’s Day fun for children. Wear green!

**24 – TELUS WORLD OF SCIENCE – “Angry Birds Universe” and DiscoveryLand – Program runs from 10:30 to 1PM

PARENTS TO DROP OFF CHILDREN AT TELUS AT  10:15 SHARP AND PICK UP AT THE DOOR AT 1 PM SHARP. Please don’t be late. We will provide a little snack. Children must wear socks to play in DiscoveryLand.

March 25 – April 2 – SPRING BREAK – NO SCHOOL


3 – Classes resume

14 & 17 – Easter – NO SCHOOL


6 – ChildCare Conference at MacEwan (teachers and any parents who may wish to attend)

11 & 12 – Mother’s Day celebration in the classroom @10 am-11:15am and 2pm-3:15pm for the Friday afternoon class


25 (TH) – Field Trip to JOHN JANZEN – ALL CHILDREN – PARENT DROP OFF AT 9:15 AND PICK UP AT 11:30. Some volunteers needed. Snack provided.


8 and 9 – Father’s Day celebration in the classroom (Father’s Day is June 18)

16 – Jurassic Forest – ALL CHILDREN – Bus @8:45 am – Return to school about 1:30pm – Parents must pack a simple brown paper bag lunch for the child. We will offer juice box and fruit.

16 – LAST DAY OF SCHOOL – YEAR END PARTY @5pm at Grovenor Community League


December 2016